Woy Woy Fishermans Wharf

Woy Woy Fishermans Wharf

Woy Woy Fishermen’s Wharf is a unique hub for seafood on the Central Coast of New South Wales, about an hour outside of Sydney. I have been following them on Instagram for some time, and recently found myself driving past Woy Woy on our way up to Newcastle for an explore and swim, so we stopped off for a bite to eat.

Pat Cregan opened the Wharf in 1974, and his motto was just to serve great seafood simply; over 3 decades later his family are still following this ideal. Today the Cregan-Claytons work closely with local fishermen, aquaculture experts and farmers to ensure that the seafood they supply is of the highest quality and the best sustainability.

The business is made up of three parts: the take-away, which serves some beautiful looking takeaway seafood; the restaurant which has a great atmosphere and is situated right out over the water; and the market, which is second only to Sydney for the variety of seafood it sells.

The market is awesome too – it’s one of the few registered seafood receivers on the Central Coast, which means most of the produce is coming straight off the boats you can see zipping about in the bay – you’re also guaranteed to find a huge range of seasonal seafood, whether you’re looking for fish, oysters, lobsters or crabs.

The market cuts all its own fish, which means that they produce plenty of scraps. However, they’ve found the perfect method to dispose of it, in what I think is a very environmentally friendly fashion! Everyday at 3pm whatever the weather you can head outside and take part in feeding the resident pelicans.

If you visit Sydney, its really worth a drive up the Central Coast to drop in on these guys, the food was great and the location is unique.