Terroir Symposium Toronto

I am just making my way back to the UK after a few days in both Toronto and New York.

I was invited to the Art Gallery of Ontario to present a talk on restaurant photography at a symposium called Terroir. I have done a bunch of talks before, at restaurants and venues in the Southwest and London, but this one was different.

My expectation was that I was going to learn a bit about the food industry in Canada, and perhaps make some new connections for my food photography – this place and its people got to me on a deeply personal level.

The generosity and enthusiasm of the core Terroir team, especially Voula (who booked me) and Arlene the head honcho, was truly refreshing.

The presentation went well, and the event was a success – the following day the presenters were invited to make a trip out to a wine makers property in rural Ontario – this day was magical. There was the promise of snow (thankfully this did not come) but the air was crisp and still. Down in the orchard (the wine was made from fruit) there were a bunch of producers cooking fish and meat and veg over fire pits. The look was definitely ‘Lumbersexual’ (google it…). Epic food.

As a result of this event I have started drawing again and have reconnected with photography – currently shooting my way through rolls and rolls of black and white film. I have been humbled by the way this group of professional people invited me into their circle and took the time to talk, listen and share.

Terroir people are the best people.