Pipers Farm

Pipers Farm

I have been working with Pipers Farm for a few years. I absolutely love what they do: they’re an ethical meat producer based in Devon, and they cultivate the highest quality beef, lamb, chicken and pork, as well as turkey, geese and game. They’re totally committed to the South West community – working with over 20 local family farms to produce great tasting food. Over the years I have shot for them in a huge variety of locations – right there on the farm, in their kitchen, in my studio, in my back garden using my wood oven and also in the woods across from my house.

They’re a family business, and have been going for over 20 years. Peter taught himself butchery and he and his wife Henri could talk about meat until the cows come home. They and their son Will, as well as Abby their Head of Marketing have all been involved in the shoots I’ve done. Will’s main role is polishing off all of the beautiful leftover food, I am told he’s also quite good at running the business. From talking to anyone at Pipers Farm, you can just see how passionate the whole team are about what they do: they genuinely care about their animals, the farms and families they work with, the meat they produce and their customers.

They’ve recently started exploring additional channels, and have run a series of ‘Beyond the Hedgerow’ events, which give people a chance to see behind the scenes and meet the lovely team at Piper’s Farm. I was lucky enough to be invited to join them for their Autumn Feast night and to shoot a video of it, which is on their blog. It was an amazing evening – not just because of the food the Pipers Farm chefs cooked up, which was brilliant, but also because the atmosphere was incredible – really happy, chilled and friendly. They’re holding another event at the end of January, and I would definitely recommend buying a ticket if you love delicious meat dishes and a great evening out.

The Autumn Feast Preview from Pipers Farm on Vimeo.

They’ve also started the Little Feast Company, which uses the highest quality produce to create delicious seasonal meals and pies – when I shot them a couple of months ago I couldn’t get enough of the lamb and mint pie. The whole idea started because the Pipers Farm guys were disappointed by the quality of meat in pies they bought, and it has exploded from there: people adore the handmade pies made with quality ingredients, and the meals are great as well.

They are definitely my go-to place for Christmas meat, and if you’re disappointed by what the supermarkets have got on offer, or fancy treating yourself to a beautiful quality joint of meat, definitely have a look at their website – they’ve got bronze turkey, as well as duck or goose if you’re a bit less traditional.


Boston Baked Beans Recipe from Pipers Farm on Vimeo.