Oh, Cheese.

I love cheese. If I ever give-up photography, I think I will become a Cheesemaker. It is better than chocolate.

I have been shooting a bit of cheese lately for a new project – in our fridge at one point we had wheels of Yarg and Cornish Blue and a fat Cheddar truckle. The only question has been what to eat all this cheese with? Fudges biscuits for cheese? Rick Stein’s oat cakes? Toasted slices of Sourdough from Vicky’s Bread?

And now to wash it all down with some wine!

Cornish Yarg Cheese produced by Lynher Dairies is mild and beautifully covered in nettle leaves. Click here to visit their website.

Cornish Blue Cheese is a multi-award winning creamy mild blue cheese produced by the Cornish Cheese Co - Click here to visit their website.