The view from the 32nd floor of London’s iconic Shard building is awesome, even in rubbish weather.

I was stoked to be invited to the Oblix restaurant earlier this year to shoot some stunning food as I had heard about the restaurant from a good friend of mine – Alex at Touch Food. Having collaborated together on video projects, he recommended me to Oblix for stills – cheers Alex.

My black cab pulled up outside a lobby filled with metal detectors and x-ray machines – (never get in the queue behind a photographer at airport security!). The feeling that you are in for a World Class experience begins the moment you enter the super-fast lift and exit amongst the clouds (reminiscent of Cloud City in Empire Strikes Back).

The entrance to the restaurant is dramatic: a dark corridor lit by small lights that are reflected in water, shimmering across the ceiling – the effect reminded me of the oil lamps used at the entrances of leafy restaurants in Asia. The corridor has been designed for maximum impact, as you leave the darkness you are met with an overwhelming vista of London from above – through ceiling to floor glass walls.

At one end of the corridor is the fine dining experience and the other a lounge bar. Oblix is fully equipped with pizza oven and a Josper. Yep – on the 32nd floor. Epic.

I was set up in the lounge bar for the food shoot and used a mix of natural light (in abundance) and flash. Ryner, the founder of the restaurant, was there to keep an eye on things, and have a quick portrait done – he and all his team were really lovely, professional and complimentary – they made the day properly enjoyable.

After finishing the shoot, we waited with a few cocktails as the clouds lifted and I got a good shot of the cityscape – London switching on its lights for the evening.