Cookbooks Delivered!

West Country Cook Book

The New West Country Cook Book has arrived!

After countless hours behind the camera and then weeks and months in front of the computer, finalizing the designs and making sure the cookbook was print-worthy, followed by even more hours perfecting the printed product, the West Country Cook Book has finally arrived on my doorstep.

A huge lorry pulled up outside and after a brief struggle it became clear that it was just too big to get into my driveway. This meant that seven pallets of heavy cookbooks had to be unloaded and then heaved into the safety of the house. The weather wasn’t kind, which meant that Ian and I had to time our dashes backwards and forwards to make sure our (very!) precious cargo stayed dry. Just as we got the last boxes inside, it started to rain really heavily.

I’m really happy with the print quality and binding of these books. The color is just fantastic and the quality is absolutely spot on. After a false start with another company, it’s a massive relief to see the finished product and how, in the end, we got the quality totally right. It’s only now, when we’ve got seven pallet’s worth of cookbooks stacked up in storage that I suddenly realize what a massive project this has been. Getting the cookbook produced has been a mammoth task and it feels like I’m only half way through rather than at the end, because I now have to sell an awful lot of books. On that note, you can get your copy at or if you’d like to order wholesale please get in touch via the email address

Over the next few months we have loads of press lined up by Barefoot Media and the lovely Kate Ardron. This includes an awesome launch party down on Watergate Beach, hosted by our good friends at the Watergate Bay Hotel and catered for using West Country Cookbook recipes. You can also read an interview Kate did with me over on the Barefoot Cornwall blog.

We have already shipped all of the pre-orders that you’ve made over the last few months. If you did pre-order the book, thank you very much for your support and your patience. We know it’s been a bit of a delay but we really hope that you’re pleased with the finished product and we promise to make sure that at least one chef, (and hopefully a couple!) will have signed your pre-ordered copies.

Looking at the finished product, I feel incredibly proud that we’ve actually got to the end of the printing process and produced something that looks as good as any other cookbook I’ve seen in the bookstores. I’m also really excited to use loads of the recipes from the cookbook in my own kitchen.

I just want to say thanks to absolutely everyone who has been involved in producing the cookbook.

Without the contributions of the chefs and their fantastic recipes we would just have a very delicious looking picture book, so I’m incredibly grateful for all the time and effort that they put in to producing the recipes and also for their involvement in the photo shoots. I’m also exceptionally grateful to the team that have helped me to produce the book: Maria, Jane, Becky, Porsha and Abby. I think you’re all brilliant and I’ll keep you posted about the next one!