New Kitchen Studio

Kitchen Photography Studio

After the months of planning, hours of work and the huge amount of blood, sweat and tears that we have put into my new Kitchen Studio, it is finally up and running. It seems like I’ve had a lot of long term projects on my plate this last few months, with this and the West Country Cook Book and it is incredible to be finally seeing all the hard work that has gone into them paying off.

My mate Robin Gray, who happens to be a very skilled builder, did the framework, the roof and the windows and doors. I then worked very hard to line the studio, install a beautiful rustic kitchen and clad the outside.

We finished our first shoot in the Kitchen Studio this week, so it has been christened and is officially open for business. The shoot was for Great British Chefs: we shot the pictures for the Cooking with Kids Christmas app, which is available for iPad and iPhone on the App Store.

To add some variety to the pictures we also went out on location to a couple of kitchens in the area, which was good fun. The semi-commercial cooker we have in the Kitchen Studio is working a treat. The fridge is also plenty big enough, for the moment! We’ve got the props all organized and there’s a great selection of them, though we’re adding things all the time. They also worked really well for the shoot. Even if I say so myself, it’s a really lovely space to work in!

I will admit there are still a few last things that need to be finished off – the hanging lights are missing and I need to install a second set of vintage speakers. These are things that I’ll be sorting out ASAP over the next couple of weeks. It’s a great creative space and has a really rustic, homey feel. I’m really excited about shooting more West Country produce in the kitchen studio and I loved working on the recipe shoots, so I really want to do more of those as well! Ian and Portia have been working in the kitchen studio together to create recipes – it’s definitely plenty big enough for our small team!

If you are interested in maybe doing a shoot in the kitchen studio, whether a produce or a recipe shoot, or even if you’d just like to take a look for the future, please do get in touch with me at
I’m really proud of how it’s looking and I just want to show it off!