Nathan Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen

Nathan Outlaw's Fish Kitchen

Recently the lovely Harbour Restaurant, which was run by Emily Scott in Port Isaac has been sold to Nathan Outlaw and Nathan has opened the Fish Kitchen. Emily now runs a private catering service in Wadebridge and her website has a lovely blog for foodies.

The Fish Kitchen restaurant should probably be called tiny, but I’ll be generous and say that it’s very small. The building used to be two fisherman’s cottages, and dates back to the 15th century. If you look at the building from the outside, it’s definitely a bit skewed! It’s either Port Isaac’s oldest building or one of Port Isaac’s oldest buildings and Nathan has really kept the restaurant in the character, with mismatched furniture, slate floors and unashamedly wonky walls. The cosy feel gives you the sense that you are all eating at a friendly, very well catered dinner party!

The menu is lovely: lots and lots of little plates of beautifully cooked seafood and a tapas style dining experience. The Fish Kitchen website states that, where possible, they try and buy seafood from the fishing boats in the harbour and it definitely tastes as really fresh. What’s more, the kitchen that they’re working in really is tiny, so they’re definitely doing a good job!