The Hidden Hut

Hidden Hut

The Hidden Hut is located at one of those beaches that no-one can ever remember the name of down on the South Coast of Cornwall; after a quick google I can tell you that it’s called Porthcurnick Beach. It started as a little hut on the edge of the sand dunes overlooking the beach; however, after the storms over the winter it had to move to a more sheltered spot, slightly further back from the cliff edge. As a regular customer, I can tell you that this doesn’t make it much harder to find, and the extra shelter is a bit of a bonus in a place where all the seating is outdoors. Porthcurnick is on the Roseland Peninsula, which is one of my favourite parts of Cornwall. It’s a very special place and very, very beautiful. Get there now.

The Hidden Hut is open most days during the summer, but closes up for the winter – apart from the week between Christmas and New Year, where they do some incredible feast lunches. Their big thing is their feast nights, where you buy your tickets online beforehand. Now these tickets sell out fast. Literally at the speed huge gigs sell out. If you aren’t online at the precise moment they release the tickets (they release the next month’s on or around the 20th at 6PM) you aren’t going to be getting one. They are in incredibly high demand because they only do about 10 nights a month and they are quite a small operation, so there aren’t that many tickets. It’s a great business model for a small café that’s in such a tucked away spot, because they’ve got your money – so there’s no wimping out if it’s cold or wet and they know precisely how many people to cook for. The spirit of the evening and the café is ‘regardless of the weather’. I’m willing to bet that attendance is pretty much 100% every time.

The evening we went, it was very pleasant, a little chilly. Everyone’s rugged up. You bring your own booze and picnic rugs, though there’s plenty of tables as well – the rugs are useful for wrapping up with if you end up sat at a table! It’s one of the nicest atmospheres I’ve experienced for a long time when going out for a meal. The view over the ocean’s just beautiful. The food is always really interesting. If you have a look at the website you’ll see all sort of different things, a lot of fish, shell fish. Paella was on the menu on the evening we got to enjoy and it was very generous serving and very, very tasty. I suggest you get book a ticket as soon as you can. Amazing, amazing idea.

I should probably give you some hints on how to find it, or you probably won’t! You drive down to quite near the beach and you park on a very wiggly, windy, country path. And then you walk down to the first cove, and across the sand, up the beach pathway, around the corner, and the hidden hut appears before you. It’s quite a drive to get there for us but it’s definitely worth it and we’re looking forward to getting back again soon. Delicious.