Cooking with Kids App

Tesco Christmas iPad App

Lately we’ve been shooting for Great British Chefs in association with Tesco in my new Kitchen Studio. The images are for their new Cooking with Kids Christmas app, which can be found on the Apple Store. It’s free to download and includes over a hundred different recipes, including some edible gift ideas, ideas with what to do with Christmas leftovers and some crazy project recipes like Marcello Tully’s Glittering Meringue Forest or Andrew Mackenzie’s Gingerbread Safari Park, which are definitely guaranteed to keep you and your kids busy for a few hours!

We cooked and shot recipes from some of the finer chefs from around the UK, who have written recipes specifically tailored for cooking with kids; the goal is to get families cooking together and getting the kids really involved. The app focuses on ‘Christmas’ recipes, and Christmas is definitely a great time to get the family cooking together, but lots of the recipes are just perfect for cold winter evenings, or even all year round! They’ve even included some gluten free and dairy free recipes on the app, so that absolutely everyone can make use of it.

It’s not the first app that I’ve shot for Great British Chefs – like the other apps this one is very slick and the production quality is really really high. There are some fantastic recipes in the app, which you will probably enjoy cooking and eating as much as your kids will. I think that our favorite recipe to shoot was the Penguin Bread by Andy Waters: the pictures came out great and it’s just a really fun idea. Since the original shoot, I had to make the … which is …’s recipe. Watching … make it I just had to give it a try; it’s absolutely delicious and might be a new family favorite!

The app is available now from the Apple store. It’s definitely best viewed on an iPad so that you can really enjoy the lovely pictures we worked very hard to produce!