Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee

I am definitely a bit picky about my coffee: I like good coffee, and hardly ever drink instant. At home we drink French press coffee or from a coffee pod machine. I wouldn’t say that I drink a ridiculous amount of coffee, but we definitely go through quite a few pods in the studio. However, being the owners of two small boys, my wife and I are always looking for a way to wake up faster in the morning. Children can go from zero to one hundred in approximately 10 seconds at any time of the day, and traditional coffee just wasn’t giving us the boost we needed first thing.

After the school-run one morning, Maria came bursting into the studio and pronounced, “Bulletproof Coffee is the way of the future!”

Bulettproof Coffee from David Griffen on Vimeo.

She then proceeded to tell me about an Ed Sheeran interview she’d been listening to on the radio; amongst other things, he’d been talking about Bulletproof Coffee and how it helped him to deal with jetlag whilst travelling all over the world.

We are both big fans of our coffee, and this sounded like something we just had to try. We went straight to the internet and ordered the outrageously expensive beans and the special magic oil.

There is arguably quite a good reason the beans are outrageously expensive: Bulletproof Coffee is actually a registered trademark, and the owner claims that he has spent over 10 years trying to create the perfect coffee. The beans are harvested in Central America from estates that don’t use any chemicals at all and then the beans are processed in a way that minimizes the toxins in the coffee. This means that, compared to most coffees, Bulletproof Coffee is very low in toxins. The absence of toxins is supposed to minimize the negative effects people sometimes experience when they drink coffee – like jitters and grumpiness – whilst also improving the positive effects, resulting in a drink that really makes you feel great.

The magic oil is supposed to improve focus and energy. It’s an extract of coconut oil, and is supposed to contain lots of great fats that are energy boosting rather than fattening. It’s supposed to be great for dieters but also for non-dieters – it’s supposed to make the coffee feel really good in your mouth.

All of this sounds a little bit suspicious, a bit like Jack and the Beanstalk with ‘magic beans’, but the reviews were actually really positive, and a quick Google search showed that there are a lot of people who are big fans of this drink.

The beans and oil arrived a couple of days later and we followed the instructions on the website and brewed up a batch of Bulletproof Coffee: it was very creamy, much like a strong latte. The drink is made from the beans; the MCT oil and a small amount grass fed unsalted butter. It’s pretty obvious why you want unsalted butter – salty coffee does not sound good – but it’s important that it’s grass fed because grass fed cows produce different fats in their milk, and it’s supposed to be much better for you. The owner of bulletproof coffee recommends replacing your breakfast with a Bulletproof Coffee – suggesting that you’ll feel tons more awake and energetic if you give it a try.

Although we’re not drinking Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast every morning just yet, we have definitely been converted to the practice of putting butter in our coffee now. After trying several different butters, we mainly use Trewithen Dairy unsalted butter, as all their cows are grass fed and it’s great to eat something delicious that you know was made just down the road. It creates a really creamy smooth coffee, which tastes really luxurious.

Ironically, Mike Coulter – and inspirational Social Media expert who I was lucky enough to present alongside a few weeks ago – came bouncing into the studio one day for a catch up, and when we got to talking about coffee, he too began to sing the praises of putting butter in his coffee. It gives you a great energy boost and is also supposed to speed up your metabolism.

The end result? If I have a Bulletproof Coffee first thing in a morning I definitely wake up well, and don’t feel like drinking any coffee throughout the day. If I start with a French Press or coffee from the machine, I end up drinking at least 4 cups through the day. So, it definitely seems to work really well for me, and I’ve been drinking a lot less coffee as a result. I do eat breakfast as well, and it doesn’t seem to have any negative effect on the impact of the coffee.

Bulletproof Coffee – way of the future indeed!